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Becky Spohn, renowned confidence, leadership, and team building expert, offers fun, insightful, and relevant programs through interactive speaking engagements. Your audience will love her edutaining style. She will bring a full cast of character voices, relatable real-life stories, and her improve comedy techniques that get your audience involved and insures no two programs are ever the same.

She’ll keep your audience on the edge of their seats as she entertains, educates and engages. Your audience will walk away transformed with next steps, tools, and action plans needed to better understand themselves and how best to achieve their goals. Book Becky now to speak to your audience of 5 to 5,000 attendees.

Master of ceremony services

Whether you’re planning a new product line or want to begin a team building weekend, Becky Spohn can emcee your event and ensure your audience, clients, and employees are entertained and enlightened. 

Becky has overseen countless corporate teams successfully over the years and has a signature insight that’s down-to-earth, effective, and innovative. No matter the occasion, Becky will bring her humor, research-backed insights, and captivating anecdotes to your event. Contact her today for more information.

Keynote & Breakout speaking

You can choose from a selection of Becky’s popular programs or she can also provide you with a personalized keynote or breakout speech that matches your company’s goals and values. Her effective and entertaining speaking services have been utilized by countless organizations across the U.S.A. over the years. Becky’s acclaimed Confident Leaders & Cohesive Teams programs can meet your event needs and exceed your expectations.

Becky can also provide you with a personalized keynote speech that matches your company’s goals and values. Contact Becky today to design your custom program.

A study conducted by Harvard on business success states that interpersonal skills account for 85% of what it takes to get ahead. An investment in modern manners and business etiquette will result in a happier customer and an increase in sales and profits. Mastering these soft skills and learning to command any room translates into hard profits.

It is said nearly 60% of all business is conducted over a meal. Do you know which fork to use? What does your handshake say about you? What first impression do you make? Are you striving for a corner office?

This interactive presentation will use volunteers from the audience to demonstrate and role-play. Build strong business etiquette skills and positively affect your bottom line. Experience real life practical tools for enhancing personal impact, influence and leadership ability.

Putting all these soft skills together to brand yourself as the expert you are, will result in an increased bottom line: The next time you’re called to a business-lunch, you’ll know how to dress, where do you sit, and how to you make your point without making everyone turn against you. You will have the Steel-Toe Stiletto™ Confidence needed to sway the C-Suite. Ensure you are promotable, not forgettable. Ensure you are C-Suite Ready.

Participants will learn to:

  • Present themselves as polished professionals and make positive first impressions
  • Stand out as the top choice with potential and current clients
  • Strike the right blend of professional and personal courtesies in every networking situation
  • Make the workplace environment productive and profitable
  • Use these soft-skills to strengthen the bottom line
  • Make business etiquette a part of every business encounter

A Gallup poll of more 1 million U.S. workers concluded that the No. 1 reason employees quit their jobs is a bad boss or immediate supervisor. 75% of workers who voluntarily left their jobs did so because of their bosses and not the position itself. “People leave managers not companies…in the end, turnover is mostly a manager issue.”

Leaders have the biggest impact on your bottom-line. Employee turnover cost companies millions of dollars every year. A recent study shows that 56% of employees would turn down a 10% pay rise to stay with a great boss.

This program will give you the blueprint to build a strong leadership foundation. You will be the leader employees want to stay with. Construct a loyal community and your team will follow your lead.

Are you a born Leader? Not all leaders were born that way. Extraordinary leadership skills can be developed. This interactive program will give participants tools to fill their leadership toolbox.

Are you stuck in the middle? Leading up and down the company ladder can be very frustrating. We hear terms like ‘think outside the box’ however, some days it is all you can do to keep the box from collapsing in on you.

  • Leading UP You will positively influence and persuade your organization’s success, be comfortable with uncomfortable conversations, Get C-suite buy-in, take your seat at the table, confidently support your leaders in their blind spots.
  • Leading DOWN Own your strengths and weaknesses, empower your team, team performance management, goal setting, continuous learning growth and innovation, modeling appropriate conduct, facilitating dialog about performance.

In a world where women make only $0.80 to every $1 a man is paid it is important that we have strategies to ensure our success. As a woman, you have worked hard to achieve a leadership position.

As I travel around the country speaking to audiences of men and women, I hear a common theme; We would promote more women if we had (knew of) women qualified (wanted) to do the job.

As a woman in a leadership role you are held to a tougher standard. It is important to lead like a woman. Leading like a man is killing your credibility.

Men and women do communicate and lead very differently. In this program women will understand your natural strengths, limitations, and style. Your strategic approach is the first step in leading a successful change.

  • Authoritative or bossy?
  • Tough or Bitchy?
  • Understanding and stopping, stereo-types and unconscious bias.
  • Discover why ‘acting like a girl’ can propel or derail your career
  • Exceptional Leadership Skills for Women.
  • Managing Like a Man is Killing Your Credibility
  • Glass Ceiling or a Thick Layer of Men?

We’ve heard it said that “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” but we’ve all encountered the coworker that seemed to be living on the rings of Saturn. Truth is, they simply communicate differently. Our behavioral style impacts how we innovate, mentor, lead, and problem solve. It influences time management behaviors, attentiveness in meetings, goal-setting approaches and motivation.

In this interactive presentation, you will discover your behavioral style and learn how to quickly discover the basic behavioral style of your team members, colleagues, venders, and even family members. With this valuable information, you will learn how to align yourself in an environment where you thrive not just survive. Your team will leave with the needed tools to advance your company. By implementing what you learn you will have improved communication and increased productivity.

    • Recognize the four behavioral styles in yourself, your coworkers, your colleagues, your clients, etc.
    • Identify your natural strengths & weaknesses.
      Understand why it’s important to surround yourself with those strong where you are weak.
    • Discover how to position yourself where you will thrive rather than just survive.
    • Develop exceptionally productive relationships.
    • Become more understanding & accepting of different people in your world

**This program requires all attendees complete a Behaviors (DISC) assessment

Everyone has a story to tell. In this interactive program we will explore the four types of stories you are telling and hearing from your staff and coworkers. Are you presenting yourself as the Victim or the Champion? Do you have a Saboteur or Impostor on your team?

We will begin by looking at the stories you tell yourself as to why your career is not where you think it “should” be. Are you working so hard to be noticed and people with less are by-passing you? Are you settling for what is rather than what you would love? You don’t stand out in a crowded job market? We will bust though your old story and uncover steps to how to position yourself as an authority and allow you to stand in your own power.

It is important to understand the dynamics of the team you are leading. Peopling is always a balancing act. We will take a deep look into understanding the three major players that can demolish your team. And the one that will build it up.

  • Impostor Syndrome; owning your success
  • Lordstown Syndrome; saboteurs are killing your business
  • Victim Mentality; everyone is out to get them
  • Champions; everyone succeeds

Merriam Webster’s defines cohesive as: the act or state of sticking together tightly.

Team cohesion is designed as the tendency for a group to be in unity while working towards a common goal or to satisfy the emotional needs of its members. Does this sound like your teams?

Team cohesion reduces your staff turn-over. It allows group members to work together more easily and feel more positively about their work. Cohesion is impacted by several factors, such as trust and member similarity.

In this highly interactive program your team will work together to:

  • Establish a team vision and mission statement to improve productivity.
  • Look for and celebrate the talents others bring to the team and encourage creativity
  • Recognize their own individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand that all team members communicate differently & learn how to speak others language for improved communication
  • Discover the Driving Forces of each team member to increase motivation

**When used as a training: all attendees required to take the Behaviors™ and Driving Forces™ assessments.

Inspiration / Entertainment Programs:

Fourteen and a half hours alone on as bicycle; where would it take you? For Becky the ride itself was 210-miles; however, more important than the physical ride was the emotional journey it took her on. Ride along with Becky as she recounts the two-day bicyclevoyage full of the trials and tribulations we can all face. This popular program is full of life lessons:

  • Learning to rise each time you fall, literally and figuratively
  • Don’t laugh that happened to me once. Embrace how to lighten up and laugh at yourself
  • Replace the negative self-talk with impowering mantras
  • Say farewell once and for all to the past mistakes that haunt you
  • Realize how to love yourself
  • Experience your own Steel-Toe Stilettos™ Confidence

Customized program to delight your audience, impress your event sponsors, and keep your event moving on time. Becky brings a full bag of robust character partials and enthusiastic energy with an incredible audience connection.

  • Keep your mainstage event moving on time
  • Entertain your audience
  • Recap previous event happenings
  • Introduce your organizations executives and keynote speakers
  • Ensure the meeting professional looks like a rock star

Becky is entertaining, real, and likeable.

— Michelle Gold, C&W Facility Services, Virginia Beach, VA

This program was high energy and impactful. Becky is energetic, powerful and engaging.

— Lyle D Gladney, FMP, Johnson Controls, Marietta, GA

This program was encouraging and thought provoking. As a result of attending I will take action and be positive. Becky is engaging, passionate, and transformative.

— Jason Jones, Medimmune, Gaitherburg, MD

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