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Interactive & Engaging Trainer

When you want to modify your company culture, improve leadership skills, or insure your company succession plan in an efficient and effective way, there’s no better choice than an insightful corporate training program.

Becky Spohn, renowned confidence, corporate leadership, and team building expert offers her signature brand of real-life experiences, data-driven insights, and proven techniques to support your team members in your company initiatives.

Becky will tailor her presentations to meet your specific company goals and values, and she’ll ensure your audience is educated, entertained and enlightened. Call us today to schedule a presentation. 


Custom Leadership Seminars & Training

Most people aren’t born natural leaders; the skill must be learned. When you work with Becky Spohn you are leveraging her 30-years of effective personnel management experience, TTI SI signature assessments, and John Maxwell’s world renowned leadership programs. You’ll see your team’s leadership skills expand. Becky will customize her message to match your organization’s values and goals. Her insightful, down to earth, and engaging demeanor will ensure your audience enjoys every minute of their training program. Give your seminar goers the tools needed to navigate the workplace better and actualize on their talents with Becky Spohn’s custom seminar services. Ensure you are leading by example and not just managing to get by.

C-Suite Ready: Powerful Professional Presence to Command any Room

Quit Managing to Get By. Start Leading by Example: Extraordinary Leadership Skills to Boost Your Success

Steel-Toe Stilettos: Stepping Through a Man’s World ~ Success Strategies


Building cohesive teams

Your staff is your companies #1 asset, they can make or break you. With so many different generations and personalities in the workplace today, it’s amazing teams can find any cohesion. Your behavioral style has a huge impact on how well you communicate, innovate, and solve problems. Becky Spohn will educate your attendees to recognize these behavioral styles, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and coach them to position themselves so they not only survive the workday, but thrive during it.

Becky has been leading teams of 5 to 500 for over 30 years. Let her show you how to build a productive cohesive team. Learn more about Becky Spohn and her Confidence Concepts team building systems by contacting her today.

What Planet are You From? Understand how to effectively communicate with colleagues and clients.

Stories Employees Tell: Rewrite Your Teams Evolution to Success

Build a Cohesive Team: Increase Productivity, Reduce Turnover

This session was delightful and full of great advice. Full of Energy!! Becky is Funny, intelligent, and compassionate.

— Meaghan Baker, IHG, Norcross, GA

Becky is a great teacher. Her program was very good, as a result of attending this secession I will take action with my workforce.

— IsmailaLawan Shari, Federal College of Educ., Bichi, Nigeria

This program was excellent! As a result of attending this session [I have] come up with a new strategy to stop procrastination. Becky is vibrant, knowledgeable, and inspiring.

— Susan Moury, Tower Federal Credit Union, York, PA

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